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Exhibitions Overseas

We attended international exhibitions overseas for decades. Many guests from Organic certification bodies and Governments come to us, and taught us many things.
1.Even if you use organic raw materials, you can not mention "organic cotton" once you use chemicals on the process of manufacturing, distributing, and storage.
2.The visitors ask us “Is this product chemicals on it or chemical-free?” (Organic raw materials are not a question.)
3.TC (Transaction Certificate) is the only certification for the trace-ability of the products. There must be the name of sellers, who sell the products, in the section of buyer or consignee on TCs.
4.As a matter of fact, residual pesticides are not found from both organic cottons and conventional cottons as parts per millions. However, residual pesticides are found from both cottons as parts per trillions.
5.We used to sell our fabrics to the well-known fashion brands such as Stella McCartney and so on.

We learnt the issuance of TC is compulsory for the organic products in the US.
6."Organic" products in Japan sometimes are not clear about trace-ability of raw materials. Even they do not have official organic certificates, some pretend they are organic products. Those are false labeling or false advertising, therefore, please contact to your near National Consumer Affairs Centre or Consumer Affairs Agency.