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Origin of Heart Organic

What is “Genuine Organic”?

Our passion is delivering “safe, secure, and reliable” products to consumers. "Sleep well, live better"

President Toshifumi Yamaoka Heart Japan Ltd
President Toshifumi Yamaoka

It was my son’s asthma. This is why I start to consider about Futon.
It was a very cold night, my son, who was 6-year-old, suddenly got apnea caused from allergy, and he was got into hospital by ambulance. He temporary fell into critical condition, but he luckily survived. He was suffering from allergy for several years from then.
And that triggered me to start making Futon which make people, who suffer from allergy, be able to sleep well. First of all, we do not use chemicals which are harmful to our health.
And also, we will choose raw materials and the process of production both of which are not hard on our health.
As we carry on, many customers give us comments "We now sleep very well with Heart's products." Those comments make us manufacture better products.

Organic Standard

Our organic factory is one of a few certified organic fabric mills in Japan. As a result of inspection, formalin and cesium 137 are not found in it.
“Organic is a regulation. We choose pesticides-free raw materials to protect farmers from pesticides pollutions, and produce chemical-free products to protect consumers from chemical pollutions. We must verify our organic products are officially inspected and certified.”
The products we make must be verified as chemical-free by the third parties verified by the ministry of agriculture.
We proudly provide you genuine organic products which are safe, secure and reliable.

Our own five textile standard

  • ●No use of chlorinated bleaching agents
  • ●Formalin-free
  • ●No use of fluorescent agents
  • ●No use of azo dye
  • ●Synthetic surfactant-free
Management of factory, and also we carefully check through all the raw materials if there are harmful chemicals or not.

Certificate Logos

Organic certification body accredited by the government

Ecocert |France
Ecocert (based in France)

Ecocert is an organic certification organization, founded in France in 1991. It is based in Europe but conducts inspections in over 80 countries, making it one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world.

Organic international textile standard


OCS100 (US)

OCS Blended(US)

The international textile standards above cover from raw materials to the final products. The certified products are not permitted to use hazardous chemicals on the whole process of production.

The difference between our genuine organic and would-be organic in general

The general textile products are fluoresced under the fluorescence examines since chemical additives are remained on them. And generally they use synthetic fibres for sewing yarns, therefore sewing yarns are fluoresced. In contrast to them, we clean up machines before manufacturing. Due to this, the final products are completely no-fluorescent.
fluorescence examines fluorescence examines Certified yarn Chemical yarn